Bake Wrangler

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Bake Wrangler is a nodes based add-on for baking in blender. It greatly improves the texture baking workflow, providing a highly configurable yet simple to use nodes system to set up your bakes.

Some of the primary features are:

  • Node based, letting you create as simple or as complex baking set ups as you need. (Being a node tree they can easily be imported and reused in any project)
  • Full background batch baking. Hit bake and continue working.
  • Pack images how you want, putting data in any channel including Alpha.
  • Under active development to implement features as required by the users.
  • See full list of bake passes here

Video quick intro:

For full details check out the User Guide and join the discussion on

I started this project when I became frustrated with the builtin baking work-flow in blender. The amount of messing around with materials required between each bake when trying to produce a PBR texture set along with no way to channel pack maps in a single image were both annoying me and consuming my time. Especially when I wanted to go back and alter previously created maps.

Other solutions exist, but I found their interfaces somewhat clunky or they were really only aimed at a specific workflow. I really wanted a system that could handle a simple bake but also extend to much more complicated set ups and handle different workflows.

With the help of the blenderartists community giving feedback on what they needed, I've created a tool that lets you bake what you want, how you want, regardless of your workflow.

I am offering this add-on for $15 for non-commercial studios, which includes Indy artists. I believe this is more than fair for any first world user and will likely save you the cost in time saved the first time you use it. As much as I would rather let people use it for free, I simply can't continue to develop it without support.

Commercial licenses are available for $25 per user. If you would like a volume discount or unlimited users, please contact me for pricing.

(If you really need this product and for some reason cannot afford it, send me a message and we will try to work something out)

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Bake Wrangler is a blender add-on that improves the texture baking workflow.

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Bake Wrangler

39 ratings
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